Features of Sawdust Bath

Features of Sawdust Bath

Features of Sawdust Bath

Microbial fermentation heat

Without using artificial heat sources such as electricity, gas, or petroleum, sawdust is added to the sawdust with the undiluted solution of Ohtaka-Enzymes, and the gentle heat of microbial fermentation warms the body from the core.


Since the sawdust maintains a temperature of 60-70℃ (the temperature of the body feels around 40℃), pathogenic bacteria such as Escherichia coli and Legionella do not exist.

Environmentally friendly

The heat source does not use fossil fuels, and at the same time, sawdust in the bathtub is used as fertilizer for the fields.。

Promotes blood circulation and metabolism

The dry method allows skin respiration to occur very smoothly, which greatly improves blood circulation and metabolism.

No fossil fuels are used, only fermentation heat at 70°C

Functions on the body


If you are tired or stressed, please use this to relieve fatigue and stress.

Beautiful skin

If you suffer from blemishes, freckles, or acne, please try our skin care products.

Internal organs

If your internal organs are cold and your stomach and intestines are weak, please warm up your body from the core to improve your condition.


If you have a weak immune system, suffer from allergies or hay fever, or have a weakened metabolic function, please use this product to improve your physical condition and enhance your natural healing power.

The wonder sensation of being wrapped in fluffy sawdust