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Sawdust bath (enzyme bath) is a clean, dry hot bath method in which sawdust sawdust from coniferous trees is mixed with Ohtaka Enzyme Solution and bathed in a sawdust bathtub for 10-15 minutes at a temperature of 60-70°C (40°C for the senses) through microbial fermentation. Please experience the relaxation and detoxification of your mind and body while being enveloped in the gentleness of natural fermentation. A relaxing and healing space awaits you.

Eco-friendly and clean hot bath with heat from fermentation of microorganisms

The Sawdust Bath (Ion House) is a dry, clean hot bath method in which Ohtaka Enzyme Solution is added to conifer sawdust, which is fermented by microorganisms to a temperature of 60-70°C (the temperature you feel is around 40°C), and you bathe in the sawdust bathtub for 10-15 minutes.

What is Ohtaka Enzyme Solution?

IIt is an undiluted plant fermentation solution made from dozens of plant materials mainly from Hokkaido, which are full of vitality, extracted by osmotic pressure of “beet suger(TENSAI-suger)” and then fermented and matured for a long period of time. This undiluted solution is widely used as a raw material for health drinks, cosmetics, pet food, and sawdust baths.

Since its establishment in 1926 by founder Noboru Ohtaka, Ohtaka Enzyme has been manufacturing and selling health foods, cosmetics, quasi-drugs (bath salts), and operating hot bath facilities based on fermented enzyme drinks using 50 kinds of seasonal plants mainly from Hokkaido. We share our knowledge and techniques in person through local dealers and pharmacies, where our products are used to improve health, constitution, and beauty.

Plant extract fermented beverage 
「Super Ohtaka」
Bath salt「Bath Kohso」
Plant extract fermented lotion 
「Hela Luno」
Powdered health food 「FUGEN」
Basic cosmetics 「Hela Luno Gold Series」
Fermented plant extract for animals 
「Super One-nyan」

The process of making Super Ohtaka Enzyme Solution(Image PV)

You can see the production process of Ohtaka Enzyme Solution (Super Ohtaka) in this YouTube video.

Terms of Use

About bathing

Please call to make a reservation before using the bath. (Reservations are required.)
Please call 0134-54-0010.

We will provide the necessary items for bathing, such as hats, breast pads, pants, etc. (included in the bathing fee).

About Fees

Adults (junior high school students and older)1,800 yen (tax included)/time
Elementary school students1,000 yen (tax included)/time
Less than elementary school students500 yen (tax included)/time

In addition to the regular fee, discount coupon tickets are also available.

Opening Hours

Opening hours10:00~17:00
ClosedWednesdays and Thursdays


Exterior view of the facility

Address: 1-22-24 Sakura, Otaru-shi, Hokkaido 047-0156

TEL/FAX: 0134-54-0010 (by appointment only)

By Carminutes from Otaru Canal (near Chuo Bridge) Parking lot is available (free of charge)
By BusApprox. 7 min. walk from 「Sakura-machi」 bus stop.
By JR7-8 minutes by cab from 「Otaru-Chikko」 Station.